TS. Nguyễn Minh Ngọc

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Liên hệ Department of Physical Chemistry
Vice Dean of Faculty of Chemistry
Mobile : 0912753222

Mô tả đầy đủ

Controlled radical polymerizations, Speciality polymers (hydrolysable, anti-fouling, adhesive, anti-adhesive and biodegradable), polymer composites.


B.S (2000) from VNU University of Science, Hanoi, Vietnam ; M.S. (2001) and Ph.D. (2006) from Toulon University, France


Professional Career

Post doctoral fellows (2007-2011 at Paris 7 University/CNRS, ESPCI/Total, Bordeaux 1 University/ENSCBP); Lecturer at Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry (2012-present); Vice-Dean of Faculty of Chemistry (05/2015-present)


Lecture Courses

Polymer chemistry, Polymer physics, Physical chemistry  (Undergraduate),  Thermoplastic polymers, Modification of polymers, Molécules complexes pour fonctionnalisation de polymères, Elaboration d'architectures complexes (Postgraduate)


Research Interests

Controlled radical polymerizations (RAFT, ATRP), Speciality polymers (hydrolysable, anti-fouling, adhesive, anti-adhesive and biodegradable), polymer composites


Selected Publications

- Minh Ngoc Nguyen, André Margaillan, Quang Trung Pham, Christine Bressy, RAFT polymerization of tert-butyldimethylsilyl methacrylate: Kinetic study and determination of rate coefficients, Polymers, 2018, 10 (2), 224.

- Loïc Pichavant, Hélène Carrié, Minh Ngoc Nguyen, Laurent Plawinski, Marie-Christine Durrieu, Valérie Héroguez, Vancomycin Functionalized Nanoparticles for Bactericidal Biomaterial SurfacesBiomacromolecules, 2016, 17 (4), 1339–1346.

- Christine Bressy, Claire Hellio, Minh Ngoc Nguyen, Brigitte Tanguy, Jean-philippe Maréchal, André Margaillan, Optimized silyl ester diblock methacrylic copolymers: a new class of binders for chemically-active antifouling coatingsProgress in Organic Coatings, 2014, 77 (3), 665-673.

- Minh Ngoc Nguyen, Thomas Lebarbe, Omar F. Zouani, Loïc Pichavant, Marie-Christine Durrieu, Valérie Héroguez, Impact of RGD Nanopatterns Grafted onto Titanium on Osteoblastic Cell AdhesionBiomacromolecules2012, 13, 896 – 904.

- Minh Ngoc Nguyen, Sébastien-Jun Mougnier, Emmanuel Ibarboure, Valérie Heroguez, Synthesis of Polynorbornene-Poly(tert-butyl acrylate) Nanoparticles with Original Morphologies by Tandem ROMP and ATRP in Microemulsion, Journal of Polymer Science: Part A Polymer Chemistry, 2011, 49, 1471-1482.

- Christine Bressy, Minh Ngoc Nguyen, Brigitte Tanguy, Van Giang Ngo, André Margaillan, Poly(trialkylsilyl methacrylate)s: A family of hydrolysable polymers with tuneable erosion profiles, Polymer Degradation and Stability, 2010, 95 (7), 1260-1268.

- Minh Ngoc Nguyen, Christine Bressy, André Margaillan, Synthesis of novel random and block copolymers of tert-butyldimethylsilyl methacrylate and methyl methacrylate by RAFT polymerizationPolymer, 2009, 50, 3086–3094. 

- Minh Ngoc Nguyen, Si Amar Dahoumane, Tarik Matrab, Claire Mangeney, Jean-Paul Boudou, Mohamed M. Chehimi, Aryl Diazonium Salts for Functional Diamond Platforms, Chapter 8, pp.233-258 in Diamond and Related Materials Research, S. Shimizu ed., Nova Science Publishers, ISBN: 978-1-60456-145-6 (2008).

- Minh Ngoc Nguyen, Christine Bressy, André Margaillan, Controlled Radical Polymerization of a Trialkylsilyl Methacrylate by Reversible Addition Fragmentation Chain Transfer Polymerization, Journal of Polymer Science: Part A Polymer Chemistry, 2005, 43, 5680-5689.


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