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Department (year) : Department of Analytical Chemistry, 2001

- Highgest position (term)

- Academic position (year)

- Postdoc/exchanging scholar : Université de Savoie, France 08-09

- PhD : 2007 AgroParisTech, Paris, France

- M.S : 1999 Hanoi University of Science,

- B.S/B.A : 1996 Hanoi University of Science, VNU Hanoi

                   1998 University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU Hanoi

1.          Bio-Sketch (including current research areas)

- Analytical Chemistry

- Analysis of toxins and flavor in food.

- Research and implement of production a number of product safety: tea, coffee, packaging biodegradable...

2.          5 most significant publications

- Đoan Thi Huyen, Ta Thi Thao, Bui Xuan Thanh, Vu Thi Hue. Study on the development of near infrared spectroscopy for rapid determination of sulfaguanidine in tablets. Journal of Analytical Sciences, 21(1/2016) 153-162.

- Ta Thi Thao, Bui Xuan Thanh, Vu Thi Hue, Đoan Thi Huyen. Simultaneous quantitative analysis of sulfaguanidine, sulfaamethoxazole and trimethoprim using principal component regression (PCR) based on near infrared spectra. Journal of Analytical Sciences, 21(2/2016) 127-134.

- Ta Thi Thao, Đoan Thi Huyen, Bui Xuan Thanh. Application of linear regression method to analyze simultaneously the substances in the mixture. The summary record of a national scientific conference, hanoi April 2016,364-376

- BUI Xuan Thanh, RATHAHAO Estelle, DUCAUZE Christian. Determination of dioxins and PCBs in cow’s milk. Communication, Proceedings of the Congress EuroFoodChem XIV, Paris (France), 29-31 August 2007

- BUI Xuan Thanh, BESANçON Stéphane, DUCAUZE Christian. Lead and cadmium in cow’s milk determined Zeeman graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry after DigiPREP digestion. Communication, Proceedings of Congress EuroFoodChem XIV, Paris (France), 29-31 August 2007

3.          Awards

Merit of the Central Communist Youth Union 2002

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