MSc. Dang Minh Huong Giang

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Department:  Analytical Chemistry, 2013

- Highest position: Researcher

- B.S: VNU University of Science (2003 - 2007)

1.                    Bio-Sketch (including current research areas)

-        Quantitative chemical analysis of major and minor elements.

-        Determination of trace components by spectrometric and electrochemical analysis.

2.                    5 most significant publications

-        Nguyễn Thị Kim Thường, Đặng Minh Hương Giang, Chu Thị Huệ (2014). Electrochemical Reduction of Metronidazole and Its Determination in Drugs by Voltammetry. VNU Journal of Science: Natural Sciences and Technology 30 (5S) 414-419.

-        Thi Kim Thuong Nguyen, Thi Thao Ta, Minh Huong Giang Dang, Thi Thanh Hai Nguyen, Cathodic adsorptive stripping voltammetry for the determination of atorvastatine drug in pharmaceutical formulation and spike human plasma, Acceptance No.3 IJCS/16/2551.

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