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Liên hệ Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, 19 Le Thang Tong str., Hoan Kiem dist. Hanoi.
Office phone: (84-4)38 241 169
Cell phone: 0912 749 282

Mô tả đầy đủ

Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry

-        Department of Inorganic Chemistry (1990-Present)

-        Highest position: Head of Department of Inorganic Chemistry (2008-Present)

-        Academic position: Professor (2015)

-        Postdoc/exchanging scholar:

Tokyo Institute of Technology (1998)

-        PhD.: Lomonosov Moscow State University (1985-1989)

-        BSc.: University of Hanoi (1979-1983)

A member of Inorganic chemistry division, Chemical Society of Vietnam.

1.     Bio-Sketch and current research areas

Particular Information:

Full name: Trieu Thi Nguyet

Date of Birth: 07/11/1962

Place of Birth: Truc Ninh, Nam Dinh.

Research Interests:

-        Volatile complexes as precursors for chemical vapor-deposition (CVD): synthesis, characterization and application in metal-oxide thin film preparation.

-        Synthesis and characterization of transition metals complexes.


-        Inorganic Chemistry I: s- and p-block elements (2007, Vietnam Education Publishing House)

-        Inorganic Chemistry II: d- and f-block elements (2008, Vietnam Education Publishing House)

-        Problems in Inorganic Chemistry (2011, Vietnam Education Publishing House)

-        Volatile Complexes and Application in Chemical Vapor Deposition (2013, Science and Technics Publishing House).

 2.     Five most significant publications

-        Thi Nguyet Trieu, Minh Hai Nguyen, Urich Abram, Hung Huy Nguyen. Syntheses and Structure of New Trinuclear MIILnMII (M=Ni, Co; Ln=Gd, Ce) Complexes with 2,6-Bis(acetobenzoyl) pyridine. ZAAC- Journal of Inorganic and General Chemistry 2015, 641, 863-870.

-        Thi-Nguyet Trieu, Thi-Hien Dinh, Hung-Huy Nguyen, Ulrich Abram,
Minh-Hai Nguyen. Novel Lanthanide(III) Ternary Complexes with Naphthoyltrifluoroacetone: A Synthetic and Spectroscopic Study. ZAAC- Journal of Inorganic and General Chemistry 2015, 641, 1934-1940.

-        Trieu Thi Nguyet, Pham Anh Son, Vu Thi Nho, Kieu Thanh Canh. Fabrication of Cu2O Nano Crystals by {111} Plane-Oriented Growth. Vietnam Journal of Chemistry 2015, 53, 222-226.

-        Nguyen Manh Hung, Trieu Thi Nguyet, Nguyen Hung Huy, Nguyen Hoang Le. Effect of Substrate Temperature on the Morphology and Optical Properties of Cu2O:ZnO/glass Thin Film Prepared by CVD Method Using Copper Acetylacetonate as Precursor. Vietnam Journal of Chemistry 2012, 51, 220-224.

-        Nobuhiko Shirasawa, Trieu Thi Nguyet, Shiro Hikichi ,Yoshihiko Moro-oka and Munetaka Akita. Tetrahedral, Highly Coordinatively Unsaturated 14e (Fe) and 15e (Co) Hydrocarbyl Complexes Bearing Hydrotris(pyrazolyl)borato Ligands (TpR‘), TpR‘M−R (M = Fe, Co, Ni), Organometallics 2001, 20,  3582–3598.

 3.     Awards

-        Prime Minister’s Certificate of Merit

-        Meritorious Teacher Award from Vietnam Goverment

-        Certificate of Merit from Ministry of Education and Training.

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19 Le Thang Tong str., Hoan Kiem dist. Hanoi.

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